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Residential Network

Residential Network

ResNet registration process

At the beginning of each semester, all residents in student housing are required to register their computer with CINS to receive network access. The database that holds this information is cleared out, and all students (old and new) will be redirected to the registration web site on their first attempt to browse the web. After completing the registration process, the resident's internet access will be enabled within 30 minutes. In some cases, a reboot is necessary after the 30 minute time period

Screen 1: Why am I seeing this?

This screen explains why the user has been redirected.

Screen 1

Screen 2: Login page

Uses LDAP to authenticate the user to Novell.

Screen 2

Screen 3:ResNet policies

Presents the user with the ResNet usage policies. The user must click "I Agree" to continue with registration.

Screen 3

Screen 4: Complete the form

This screen presents the user with a form that must be completed to continue. The form is partially filled in with information already gathered (name and MAC address).

Screen 4

Screen 5: Confirmation screen

Gives the user a chance to verify the information to be submitted before completing the registration process.

Screen 5

Screen 6: Success

Gives a brief message that the registration was successful. Explains that their connection should be live within 30 minutes.

Screen 6

Error screens

Error 1:

The username was found, but the password was incorrect.

Error 1

Error 2:

The username was not found.

Error 2

Error 3:

The user clicked "Submit" before completing the username field

Error 3

Error 4:

The user clicked "Submit" before completing the password field.

Error 4

Information screens

Info 1:

Warning / Info. The user has already completed the steps of registration...they just need to be patient.

Screen 1