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Residential Network

Residential Network


ResNet provides help for subscribers who are having problems with ResNet programs or are unable to get a connection. If you are having problems with ResNet please try the following steps before making an Appointment for help.

  1. Look for activity lights on your network card.
    • If you have lights that blink fast and inconsistently, you have a connection
    • If the lights blink slowly and steadily, or not at all, there is something wrong with the connection
  2. Make sure you have a cat5e cable instead of a phone cord.

    The picture on the left is the end of a network cable (cat5e). The picture on the right is the end of a phone cord. You MUST use a cat5e cable to connect to the network. A phone cord will NOT work.
  3. Disable dial-up
    • Open Internet Explorer
    • Click Tools from the top menu
    • Select Internet Options
    • Select the Connections tab at the top of the screen
    • Choose Never dial a connection
    • Click OK
    • Close your browser and then re-open it
  4. Release/renew your IP address for Windows Vista/7/8
    • Click Start
    • Click Run...
    • Type CMD into the "Run" box and press Enter
    • Type ipconfig /release
    • Type ipconfig /all
    • Text will fill the prompt window. If your IP address starts with 192 or 168, you have established a connection to the network

  5. Try multiple websites
    1. Open preferred browser
    2. In the address bar, type any of the following addresses to test your connection

    If you try to go to one of those pages and you get the registration screen, your connection works. You must then register your computer via the registration screen.

If none of the above steps establish your connection, click the link below and fill in the appointment request form. A Helpdesk representative will contact you at the time you specify in the request, and an appointment will be scheduled for the ResNet representative to come to your dorm.

Submit a Request for Assistance