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Residential Network

Residential Network

Acceptable Use Policy / Network Usage Policy

Your ResNet connection is designed to provide you with an Internet connection to be used for academic purposes. It is your responsibility to use this service appropriately. By connecting a computer to ResNet, you are bound to and required to adhere to all aspects of the CSU acceptable use policy and all university, city, county, state and federal regulations. All users on the ResNet system must read and accept the terms of the following network usage policy.

  1. Your ResNet connection must not be used to provide email or Internet access to non-students.
  2. Use of ResNet connections for commercial profit or gain is not allowed in any form other than the publishing of your resume on the World Wide Web. This includes, but is not limited to, selling access to resources on your computer or making a direct financial gain from use of network resources.
  3. Your ResNet connection must not be used to provide public access to an FTP server or an HTTP server. In other words, you cannot store web pages or downloadable files on your computer and use your ResNet connection to make them available on the Internet. Also, you cannot be a mirror site for another Internet site. Personal web pages may be stored on CSU's web server by requesting an account.
  4. The network is a shared resource. Thus, you may not use your ResNet connection to engage in any activity having the tendency to demand a large amount of network resources. This includes but is not limited to Internet telephone use, the downloading of all types of music and video media, online gaming, and Internet-based video cameras.
  5. You may not attempt to circumvent the ResNet firewall or any other established network services.
  6. ResNet services and wiring may not be modified or extended beyond the area of their intended use. This applies to all network wiring, hardware and data jacks.
  7. Checking for new mail must not be set to occur more frequently than every fifteen minutes. Checking mail more frequently uses an excessive amount of network resources.
  8. Your ResNet connection may not be used to transmit any material that can be interpreted as offensive, abusive, or harmful to others.
  9. Your ResNet connection may not be used to participate in the unauthorized distribution of copyrighted material.
  10. No users may host any type of server on the CSU campus network. This includes, but is not limited to: Gaming Servers, Torrent Servers, Web Servers, FTP Servers, Mail Servers, Proxy Servers, or Virtual Servers. If a user hosts any type of server on the Columbus State University network, they will be in violation of the Network Usage Policy and could possibly face administrative action.
  11. All users are responsible for the activity originating from their computer. This includes all actions taken by guests and/or roommates using your computer.
  12. You may not use your own personal router within the dorm network. Personal routers interfere with our network settings and create problems for other students. If a personal router is discovered on the network, UITS will insist that the router is removed. If you need assistance using our schools wireless network, please contact the Student Repair Shop to schedule an appointment.

Columbus State University reserves the right to:

  • configure the network to be efficient and secure for everyone
  • monitor network traffic to and from your computer
  • deactivate your ResNet connection if necessary